Dentista preparado para una cirugía biológica
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Regenerative biological surgery

Biological dentistry practice believes that both oral cavity and body cannot be treated separately, but as an interconnected entity.

We perform procedures 100% metal-free, based on ceramic implants that provide an integrating biocompatibility, resulting in the functional, anatomical and cosmetic rehabilitation of the oral cavity.

  • Implantology.
  • Wisdom teeth removal surgery.
  • Sinus augmentation.
  • PRP and L-PRF.
  • Periodontal surgery.
Implantes de zirconio
Icono implantes cerámicos

Metal-free Implantology

We work with zirconia ceramic implants, which guarantee an optimum biological integration. This is an innocuous material with a high endurance to fractures, and which provides natural teeth colour, leaving titanium intolerance behind.

Zirconia shows better oral soft-tissue attachment, avoiding the entrance of toxins into the blood stream.

We offer our patients a systemic cleansing, removing from their mouth titanium, mercury and root canals; we place ceramic implants that eliminate the systemic stress and help to relieve and restore the immune system.

Chico joven con una sonrisa sana
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Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is an essential part of people’s day-to-day living. Our smile should convey confidence and assurance, supporting us emotionally as well as in terms of work.

We are not aware of the amount of people who don’t smile due to a lack of self-assurance. The smile is the true mirror of the soul, and it should show happiness and pleasure.

We consider aesthetics as a fundamental backbone of our biological paradigm. Through our biocompatible and functional treatments we intend to help you get rid of your doubts, and to rebuild lost confidence.

Mujer sonriente de encías sanas


We return your smile’s brightness and natural colour, removing the external imperfections of the enamel.

Lámpara secando empaste


We exclusively use Bisphenol A-free composites, which is one of the most harmful agents.

Carillas de zirconio

Veneers and Crowns

We use high quality materials, for instance, zirconia, ceramic or lithium disilicate crowns.

Incrustación onlay cerámica

Dental inlays

Ceramic dental inlays are used to perform less invasive and more easily assimilable dental repairs.

Ortodoncia invisible invisalign
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In Bio Salud Dental we have ample experience in the orthodontic field, with the endorsement of  three Masters over the last 30 years.

We perform thorough studies of each patient, offering them the most innovative techniques, and the best possible materials (sapphire braces, ceramic braces, aligners, etc).

Mujer sonriente de encías sanas
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Periodontal treatment

Periodontal treatment focuses on preventive practices, diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases. Due to late diagnosis, the periodontal disease is the main cause for missing teeth in adults.

In Bio Salud Dental we use innovative and state-of-the-art techniques to confront periodontitis. We are pioneers in the application of Ozone therapy, microbiological analysis and biostimulation laser therapy, all effective and compatible with our health balance.

Revisión de caries a una mujer
Icono amalgamas

Amalgam removal

Amalgams are metal fillings made of an alloy of mercury, silver, tin and copper. They have been considered the best cavity fillings for years, however, nowadays they are contraindicated for children, and during pregnancy and breastfeeding periods.

While chewing and bruxism we inhale mercury vapour of high toxicity that enters our organism. This produces neurological problems, loss of memory, fatigue, conduct disorder, chronic inflammatory diseases such as Alzheimer or Parkinsons disease, among many other pathologies.

Gotero para infusiones intravenosas
Icono infusiones intravenosas

Intravenous infusions

The human body is exposed to high cellular stress - caused by heavy metals (mercury from amalgams), root canals, nutrients deficiency, insulin peaks, lack of sleep, radio frequency, etc - which is responsible for chronic degenerative diseases, cancer and inflammatory diseases.

In Bio Salud Dental we administer intravenous vitamin and trace element infusions, getting ahead of the disease and boosting the body’s defenses against cellular aggression, thus, achieving an immediate systemic action.

Probeta con muestra de sangre para el test Melisa
Icono test Melisa


MELISA test is an optimised, clinically validated blood test which measures cellular hypersensitivity to medication, food, metals, chemical products and infectious agents.

It is essential to identify immunological aggressions of metals such as titanium, chromium, cobalt, mercury, lead or bismuth, showing that, after amalgam replacement, cellular reactivity to certain metals significantly decreased.

Dentista aplicando tratamiento de ozonoterapia
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Ozone therapy

We give great importance to the administration of medical ozone ( O₃ ) when we conclude our periodontal and surgical treatments, so that an optimum disinfection and cicatrization can be achieved.

Among its features we find:

  • Modulation of the immune system.
  • Antioxidant: fighting oxidative stress.
  • Metabolic regulation.
  • Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory.
  • Broad-spectrum germicide.
Young and healthy skin face
PRP icon

PRP: skin healthcare

In Bio Salud Dental we work with the most advanced rejuvenation treatments such as, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or hyaluronic acid (HA)

.The treatment with PRP notably improves skin firmness and luminosity, whereas the HA treatment softens and prevents skin aging signs. Both treatments can be administered in a complementary way, so that the results are optimized to the maximum.